ODFW Pheasant Hunting Preserve Regulations & Rules

ODFW (Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife) Pheasant Hunting Preserve Regulations & Rules

Upland Bird (Pheasant) Hunting Regulations, Safety and Licensing:

When hunting pheasants, turkeys and mountain quail on our preserve, you are required to have a hunting license, blaze orange vest or hat, and a shotgun that is legal to bird hunt with.  Learn about shooting hours and more.
Check out the ODFW Upland Game Regulations for license fees and safety info.


Pheasant Hunting Preserve Info:

We operate a Hunting Preserve licensed by the State of Oregon.  Curious about what that means?
Read the ODFW Hunting Preserve Rules


Our hunts are unguided.  You are responsible for the safety of your gun and hunting party no different that when you hunt on public lands.