What to Bring Pheasant Hunting in Oregon

Minimum Requirements for Pheasant Hunting in Oregon:

  • Oregon Hunting License or if the hunters don’t have an Oregon hunting license we can sell preserve licenses $6 resident and $13 non residents.
  • Gun (12ga, 20ga or 410 are best)
  • Plenty of Shotgun shells that are made for your gun
  • Take a hunter safety course if you have no experience
  • Blaze orange hat and vest
  • Water, even if it’s cold outside (dehydration is bad)

In addition, we recommend you bring these items on your hunt.  Some are seasonal:

  • Waterproof boots during winter/spring
  • Brush pants or chaps (optional)
  • Long underwear in case it gets cold
  • Sweatshirt or long sleeved shirt
  • Jacket (layers are good)
  • Snacks you can carry with you
  • Extra socks
  • A positive attitude and your best aim!


What to bring pheasant hunting in Oregon